Why BlackPearl.Chain is reinventing public chain?

BlackPearl.Chain is pushing decentralization into the future with a third-generation public blockchain that can out-scale centralized systems like Visa.

The BlackPearl.Chain network achieves blazing transaction speeds using a VRF lightning-fast consensus mechanism built in-house.

Finality is achieved in under three seconds using BlackPearl.Chain’s revolutionary VRF consensus. Its speed and security make it the perfect platform for applications like digital asset trading, social media messaging, payment processing, supply chain tracking, and other high-scale use cases.

Whereas Bitcoin and Ethereum max out at between 7 and 20 transactions per second, BlackPearl.Chain’s intelligent three-layer sharding enables virtually limitless transaction speeds.

Moreover, BlackPearl.Chain’s ultra-low gas fees make it adoption-friendly for commercial applications that need a market-ready blockchain solution.

Speaking of low costs, BlackPearl.Chain makes running a node accessible by reducing hardware costs and requirements to a bare minimum.

BlackPearl.Chain is building a decentralized future today. To find out more and join the BlackPearl.Chain movement, visit blackpearlchain.io.