The BlackPearl.Chain Mission

Creating an ultra-high throughput blockchain is a complicated task that takes the utmost in dedication, focus, and resolve to complete. However, performing such a feat of software development simply isn’t possible without a robust set of values and a clear goal.

The BlackPearl.Chain team began its quest with a simple mission residing at the core of its project: To improve the lives of people around the world through better technology and a humanitarian economic model. Blockchains should be as decentralized and fast as possible to entitle people with the freedom to develop, host, and use the unstoppable DApps that form tomorrow’s economic backbone.

Sadly, as time goes by, most blockchains are diverging from a principled approach. Instead of becoming more decentralized, public blockchains are choosing centralization to increase speed. This take is short-sighted and imperils the security of a blockchain.

Here at BlackPearl.Chain headquarters, we believe that a public blockchain should attain the trifecta of security, decentralization, and performance – all at once. While other projects may share that belief in principle, we’re the first to make it a concrete reality. With every line of meticulous code, we’re bringing the decentralized future close at hand.

How We’re Achieving Our Mission

While we appreciate the cold war of words that’s gone on in the crypto world, the time has come for developers to put their code where their mouth is. That’s exactly what we’ve done, albeit with 150,000,000 lines of code.

BlackPearl.Chain has been built to deliver an exacting breakthrough for public blockchain technology with an eye toward a better tomorrow. We’ve done so with four technology breakthroughs in particular.

  1. Full scalability with intelligent sharding

Through countless hours of full-on building, our team of talented software engineers created an innovative three-layer sharding design that solves the issue of trust between shards. Our sharding solution arrives complete with an AI-ready load balancing algorithm for data collection and distribution which automatically completes both sharding and merging. With this breakthrough, BlackPearl.Chain far surpasses the performance of centralized equivalents and allows us to continually tune up the blockchain’s performance.

  1. Lightning fast consensus

How to achieve consensus as close to instantly as possible while maintaining unbreakable security? The BlackPearl.Chain team tackled this question by developing a unique implementation of VRF consensus – our very own VRF lightning fast consensus. Our particular innovation allows for the current round of voting nodes to be randomly selected, which in turn provides for transaction confirmation times in under 3 seconds.

  1. Reduced resource consumption

Compared with leading public blockchains such as Ethereum which require immense hardware and computational resources to drive the proof of work algorithm, BlackPearl.Chain is feather-light. A simple app forms the node in our network, allowing for the organization and utilization of idle computing power and bandwidth. By harnessing distributed computational resources, we enable powerful computing and storage capabilities without the usual sky-high expenses associated with mining. Additionally, users can install our lightweight wallet client to participate in network consensus and block production.

  1. Ultra-high network performance

Using our tailor-made VRF lightning fast consensus mechanism and unique intelligent sharding system, BlackPearl.Chain achieves over 5,000 transactions per second on a single shard. Our network is designed to power many more shards than that, and as such, the sky is the limit when it comes to the number of transactions per second we can support on BlackPearl.Chain.

The Mission Continues

Apart from developing and delivering the world’s first public blockchain that is secure, scalable, and fully decentralized, we’re focused on evangelizing this technology the world over. It’s best to lead by example, and BlackPearl.Chain’s fully decentralized blockchain is ready to host the hopes, dreams, and DApps of the world’s billions of people.

In our next article, we’ll take a detailed look at how BlackPearl.Chain’s economic framework operates, and how it’s enabling the future of money.