Why Blockchain Scaling Matters

Why Blockchain Scaling Matters

If you keep up with cryptocurrency current events, then you’ve surely noticed just how often the question of scaling rises to the surface. Everywhere you look, blockchain projects and crypto media are always describing new and novel solutions to the problem of scaling.

However, while proposals about how to make blockchain scale are proliferating, very few have materially rolled them out. That’s where BlackPearl.Chain, an ultra-high throughput blockchain built to be useful for billions of people, makes the difference. Rather than talk about scaling, BlackPearl.Chain walks the walk.

Before we go into further detail about the how of BlackPearl.Chain’s scaling solution, let’s take a quick detour and look at the why of scaling.

Why Blockchains Need to Scale

Scaling primarily refers to a technology’s ability to meet the performance demands of a network of users that is, presumably, growing all the time. Think of the Visa network (known as VisaNet) – every day, millions of transactions happen on the network as people swipe their Visa cards all around the world. VisaNet handles, on average, 1,500 transactions per second.

When you swipe your card, there is a negligible wait, so for all intents and purposes, the transaction happens more or less instantly. Visa’s network can handle up to 20,000 transactions per second, but their cache of users would need to increase significantly before ever coming close to transactional capacity. If Visa’s scaling prowess were any less than what it is today, you’d inconveniently wait for seconds, minutes, or even hours before your grocery store transaction authorized.

Blockchain needs to scale for the same reasons as Visa. The growing promise of blockchain means more and more applications, both private and enterprise, are coming. With apps and adoption arriving by way of well-known names like Starbucks, JP Morgan, Fidelity Investments, and Whole Foods, users are sure to follow.

The problem is, existing public blockchains such as Ethereum, Cardano, and EOS are not only unprepared to scale to the demands of a growing user base, but are also costly to use for application building and hosting. Because they’re unable to scale up, running an application on them takes away substantial network resources, thus incurring high fees.

While the users blockchain is seeking are on the horizon, scaling solutions, by and large, are not. That is, until BlackPearl.Chain arrived on the scene.

BlackPearl.Chain Scales for Billions of Users

BlackPearl.Chain is a fully scalable public blockchain built to host the DApps and activity of billions of users. The network uses an innovative three-layer sharding design that securely solves the issue of trust between shards. With intelligent sharding, BlackPearl.Chain far exceeds the scaling abilities of the likes of Visa and other centralized systems.

Besides employing a game-changing intelligent sharding design, BlackPearl.Chain has also pioneered a VRF lightning-fast consensus design that enables blazingly quick sub-three second transaction confirmation times. Combined with intelligent sharding, BlackPearl.Chain’s consensus design makes it possible for real-time financial, gaming, and social media applications to run at scale for billions of people around the world.

Digital currencies are the future of money – but unless the blockchain networks which host them learn to scale, they’ll never achieve their true potential. Up next in our article series is a look at whether cryptocurrencies are real money and how BlackPearl.Chain is pushing for their mainstream adoption.