I will be there, at Nasdaq MarketSite, next Tuesday, talk to former renowned CNN, Bloomberg News financial reporter Jane King.

To introduce BlackPearl.Chain to the world 🌎

Reality starts to sink in. I will be there, at Nasdaq MarketSite, next Tuesday, talk to former renowned CNN, Bloomberg News financial reporter Jane King.

To introduce BlackPearl.Chain to the world 🌎


Here, we introduce BlackPearl.Chain, a third-generation public chain designed by BlackPearl.Chain Inc.
The entire BlackPearl.Chain is designed from the ground up. It is totally different from Bitcoin, Ethereum and other public chain models. BlackPearl.Chain has broken through the “impossible triangle”. BlackPearl.Chain achieves superior performance through VRF lighting fast consensus, three-layer sharding technique, threshold encryption, super secret private key, multi-dimensional routing, IPFS storage, system contract, and neuron node management.
BlackPearl.Chain can carry large-scale commercial applications with super low gas fees in order to enable a wide range of industry applications to land on blockchain technology.
2 BlackPearl.Chain Technology breakthroughs
BlackPearl.Chain can effectively support a huge volume of small amount real-time payments, decentralized digital currency trading, instant messaging, e-commerce, search notarization, social media, digital assets, traceability and so on.
BlackPearl.Chain is fully decentralized with linear expansion capability, it can support tens of millions of TPS with the increase of nodes. It’s extremely secure, and resistant against quantum computation and biological computation.
BlackPearl.Chain has made innovative breakthroughs in consensus, computing power, storage and communication. It is fully scalable, provably secure, and energy efficient.
Specifically BlackPearl.Chain makes breakthroughs in the following aspects:
●Fully Scalable with Intelligent sharding: It has an innovative three-layer sharding design that completely solves trust between shards. It also provides asynchronous sharding consensus with inter-shard communication. The AI capable loading balance algorithm of data collection and distribution can automatically complete sharding and merging. The performance of the public chain can be infinitely improved by this breakthrough, enabling BlackPearl.Chain’s performance to exceed the performance of the centralized server.
●Secure and Fast Consensus: BlackPearl.Chain implements VRF lightning fast consensus. Its unique VRF implementation randomly selects current round of voting nodes, which achieves pioneered lightning consensus. It only requires 0.3 seconds – 3 seconds to complete consensus.
●Computing power reduction: With BlackPearl.Chain, APP is a node. This technology fully organizes and utilizes the global idle computing power and bandwidth, enables building powerful computing and storage capabilities without incurring extra huge expenses on professional mining machines. Users can install BlackPearl.Chain wallet to participate in consensus and block production.
●Improved Network Performance: Super-routed P2P broadcasts enable current home broadband to achieve up to several thousand single-Shard TPS. (At current broadband conditions, the measured TPS peak is 5730)
By innovating on both the protocol and network layers, BlackPearl.Chain provides the world with a scalable and secure blockchain system that is able to support the emerging decentralized economy. BlackPearl.Chain will enable applications which were not previously feasible on blockchain, including high-volume decentralized exchanges, interactive fair games, Visa-scale payment systems, and Internet-of-Things transactions. BlackPearl.Chain strives to scale trust for billions of people and create a radically fair economy.