How BlackPearl.Chain Is Bringing Decentralized Finance to the Masses

How BlackPearl.Chain Is Bringing Decentralized Finance to the Masses

Today, there are over two billion adults without a bank account. While that number may seem challenging to conceptualize for those living in countries like the USA, Japan, or Germany, where the bankless rate is less than 6%, in other parts of the world, not having a bank account is the norm.

In Southeast Asia, for instance, less than half of the population has access to a bank account despite the region seeing some of the sharpest mobile phone usage and internet coverage growth in the world. Connecting the dots between smartphones, internet usage, and the global internet economy shouldn’t be tough, and yet the banking industry has epically failed in doing so.

How is it possible that in a region that goes online more than any other in the world, access to the global internet economy is simultaneously lower than anywhere else in the world? That’s because accessing the web-based economy requires a bank account. Paying with PayPal, WeChat, Alipay, or debit card when checking out on platforms like Amazon, Alibaba, Rakuten, and eBay mean you’ll need a bank account first.

Given that the banking industry desperately underserves regions like Southeast Asia and most of Africa, even if those areas become saturated entirely with both mobile phone and internet coverage, they’ll still be missing the last crucial link.

BlackPearl.Chain is changing that.

BlackPearl.Chain and the New Era of Decentralized Finance

Banks are centralized infrastructures that retain power over your financial sovereignty in their hands. If a banking partner decides to pull service out from your region, and they happen to be the only game in town, then your access to the global internet economy is over.

BlackPearl.Chain, in contrast, is a decentralized financial network that puts your money and your access in your hands and leaves them there permanently. The way it works is simple.

  1. BlackPearl.Chain is a blockchain-based decentralized network that features ultra-high performance and ironclad security. BlackPearl.Chain can outperform incumbent networks like Visa in terms of transaction speed and volume while simultaneously beating it in terms of security. The BlackPearl.Chain network is so secure that, as it becomes more decentralized with more participants coming onboard, its security strength also increases, giving it unlimited upside compared to Visa’s centralized limitations.
  2. Tomorrow’s economic engine will be driven by decentralized applications that are connected via a web of blockchains. Whereas today’s internet is composed of data and application silos that are remote and unable to connect with each other, the internet of blockchains will be fully interactive, hyperconnected, and truly global. BlackPearl.Chain is both enabling and harnessing that future by providing a platform upon which that internet can be built.
  3. Using BlackPearl.Chain, you can send and receive payments instantly anywhere in the world and for fees that verge on free. Accessing the BlackPearl.Chain network is as simple as having a mobile data connected smartphone, so the entirety of the unbanked population with such access will finally be brought into the fold.

The benefits of creating and adopting BlackPearl.Chain’s blockchain network are immense for those who find themselves underserved by the banking industry. Finally having a steady, unstoppable, and inalienable right to the world’s economic engine will have massive repercussions for the economic output and access of billions of people worldwide.

BlackPearl.Chain’s ethos of creating a habitable world for the most amount of people is what drives the team’s desire to build better technology. Visit today to see how the team is accomplishing that vision.