White Paper

Learn how BlackPearl.Chain reinvents the public chain and changing the world, please read the whitepaper.


It’s not a dream, it’s reality

Four major technological breakthroughs

1.APP is the node, making full use of idle computing power and bandwidth. Users can install BPC wallet to participate in consensus and block producing.

2.VRF lightning consensus, VRF randomly selects this round of voting nodes, BPC pioneers lightning consensus, 0.3 seconds - 3 seconds to complete consensus.

3.Super-routed P2P broadcasts allow home broadband to complete up to several thousand Single-shard TPS.

4.Unique intelligent Sharding design solves inter-shard trust, shard asynchronous consensus, inter-shard communication, data distribution algorithm with intelligent load balancing, automatically completes shard merge and split.



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